A Cooperative Nursery School Est. 1951


Playhouse is a preschool which values childhood as an exciting and important time when young children need to explore and experiment freely toward self-discovery. 

It is a place where the most important knowledge is self-knowledge, which later informs academic learning. 

Following the guiding principles of developmentally appropriate practice for young children, the Playhouse strives to provide each child with the tools needed to form a confident and positive self-concept as a learner. 

Respect, communication, acceptance, support, and tolerance are important at Playhouse. 

A cooperative school, Playhouse encourages and values the contributions of parents and families which produce a mosaic of patterns of participation. 

The Playhouse staff is experienced in fostering an environment of guidance, support, love and understanding for students and families. 

Playhouse is a reflection of the ideas, values, and people in the community it serves.  With its sliding scale fee structure, Playhouse encourages an economically diverse student body.

Playhouse was founded in 1951 by a group of parents and Jeanne Ginsberg, a locally recognized leader in early childhood education.  Jeanne led the school for over 50 years and she remains an active presence at Playhouse.

Currently scheduling tours for September 2015 enrollment.
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88 Franklin Ave West Orange, New Jersey 07052